Computer Security Consulting and Systems Support

Metron Computerware

Department of Homeland Security involved in Intellectual Property Rights

Signs of Our Times     Metron Computerware
    Oakland, CA
    Phone: +1 (510) 530 8870


Computer Graphics Consulting and Systems Support

Metron provides Consulting services for Computer Graphics Applications, DNS, Sendmail and Majordomo setup and configuration, and computer systems management, backup and security.
(510) 530 8870

Metron Studios

Metron Studios provides Teaching, Design and Consulting services for Architecture, Interiors and CAD, specializing in the use of computers as a design aid.
(510) 530 8870

OmniMath, Inc.

Specialized and custom systems for such diverse applications as Back Office reporting for Commodities Trading, Legal case referral and Accountants. (212) 865 5400

New York Stringer

An International Magazine of Opinion, politics and the arts.

Bruno Kark Ceramics

Ceramic Vase

Bruno Kark, a ceramacist in Berkeley.

The Ministry of Silly Signs

Coming Eventually! You've seen such signs. Some peculiar, some silly, some downright foolish. A growing collection.